Wearable Fall Fashion Trends

By: Lynne Marks | 3 Sep 2014

As we all settle in to enjoy this last month of summer, it comes time to begin preparing our wardrobe for the chillier mornings and evenings that come with the transition to autumn. Summer is always the glorified season, one of warm sunshine, sandals and sundresses, but the crisp and cozy atmosphere of fall is one not to be overlooked. From riding boots to blanket coats to cozy cardigans, this list of must-have items for your fall 2014 wardrobe could give you some ideas.


What should we invest in? Will they last the season, the year or a few years? A lot of the runway offerings are exaggerated, designed to be show-stoppers, purely to get on the pages of the fashion writers and bloggers. Fashion design students pay the most attention, but actually if you notice, even the fashion forward wouldn’t be seen dead in them and consider a lot of runway fashion un-wearable. But you have to understand the evolution of fashion to make it work for you. If the time is right and a style has been introduced enough times on the runway, and we are ready for a change of look, some things catch on and reappear in more appropriate versions. Take wide pants and longer skirts: have they caught on yet? Maybe now and then but minis and skinny jeans are still being worn everywhere.

What I think will be claimed this season

  1. The new shearling coat. It was a staple many years ago in beige suede but the new colorful expression of the super-warm, cozy coat will be welcomed in cold climates as protection against icy winds and snowy days.
  2. Optic prints. We are not over the print craze yet! Colorful and creative, we love our prints and this season they have become much bolder with a dazzling mix and match of colors. Even if you throw a print scarf over the LBD or a dull raincoat you could get an updated look.
  3. Pockets in dresses and skirts. WOW! What a concept to carry the bare essentials and our smartphones in a deep pocket, without throwing out the line of the garment. The perfect solution if you don’t want to carry a clutch or purse to a networking or a party.
  4. Long coats seem to have been in and out for years, but I think they will come back if they are a practical length, not dragging on the ground. We wore them with boots, now wear them with flat lace-up shoes for a newer take on a traditional classic.
  5. Knitwear: chunky knits, fisherman knits and refined knits in scarves, wraps, collars, cowl necks and long knit tunics. Designers decree that it’s OK to be warm this winter!
  6. Plaids and tartans: The check coat and jacket are reappearing in an array of mix and match colors, oversized scale and in a boxy version to match the scale. If you don’t want to wear top to toe tartan, try a jacket!
  7. The 60’s retro look is still hanging around in trapeze dresses and jackets, color blocking and geometric prints. Compare them to the first time around and they are remarkably similar; but now we have spandex!

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Rachel Zoe’s Fall 2014 Must-Haves

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