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By: Lynne Marks | 17 Dec 2015

Train with London Image Institute and Do What You Love!

Dear Friends,

This year alone we have trained scores of men and women all over the world and we hear from them often. They are simply loving their work! Many already have carved out a successful image business for individual and group or corporate clients and have made a healthy return on their training investment.

Below is a success story that we had to share with you… it’s the work you too could be doing (or are doing ) every day and getting paid for!

This young business owner was meeting older clients and coming up against more experienced competitors and her youthful demeanor was affecting her success. She contacted one of our graduates asking how she could increase her credibility and enhance her professional presence. A customized Executive Presence package was created for her to address every issue. The package included competitive positioning,  profiling and PR, business credibility, professional branding, appearance, etiquette and communication skills.

Within six months the client’s image was transformed to the powerful CEO she is today. Since then her company has flourished and her work has been featured in the international media.

Her image consultant, Dola Badejo owner of BlondeDolly Image Consulting ( shared this letter:

It is with real pleasure and joy that I contact you today, to thank you for your exceptional training, wisdom and being the best at what you do. I am happy to let you know that I am delivering value and touching lives because of the training I received from your prestigious institute. Of particular note to share is the total image transformation of my youngest paying client. I will consider it forever a privilege to have learned directly from you and London Image Institute as all my dots are now connecting.  With love and admiration always, Dola

We are proud of all our graduates and the enormous difference they are making in the world. Start making a life-changing difference with clients and groups.

Sign up today for training: Jan 10-22, 2016. Atlanta. USA

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