2016 Fashion Trend Outlook

By: Lynne Marks | 7 Jan 2016

While runway fashion is always a bit beyond what is appropriate for everyday wear, looking at the trends in the pipeline can help provide guidance to your fashion-forward clients. It’s a good idea to watch when new fashions come into the stores in a less exaggerated form and adapt them for an updated look for your own and your clients’ wardrobes for the upcoming season. Some of our favorite Spring 2016 trends, according to Harpers Bazaar, include:


Pleats – pleated skirts are an easy trend to fold into any wardrobe. They were a big favorite yeas ago and disappeared for quite some time. Now they are likely to look updated yet the style is classic enough to last for a while. Caring for pleated garments can be a challenge though, so it’s best to send them to the cleaners to preserve the pleating.


Pink – Pink is a great pop of color, especially for springtime. There are many different shades, so it’s easy to find a pink that compliments the skin tone of your client. Choose pink for accents rather than a wardrobe neutral or an investment piece.


Bold Dye Patterns – Patterns like these are a striking way to incorporate color into a wardrobe for those with a more edgy style. Dresses like the bright blue and yellow and the black and red pictured above are rich color combinations and the unusual patterns become the statement. A large-scale pattern doesn’t need much jewelry but they would be fun to accessorize with bold earrings. The middle dress is harder to wear as the over-sized pattern would dominate the silhouette and might not flatter the body inside!

Another thing to consider as we move into 2016 are the Pantone® Colors of the Year. Pantone® has a pulse on trends and is a great resource for planning on-trend colors for your clients.


Adding trend pieces to your own collection can be a fun way to express your personal style but it’s always wise to invest in trends that last, not fads that will date very quickly. To get the best return on investment when buying the latest colors and styles it is always wise to follow a style until it’s been around a few seasons and avoid flashes-in-the-pan.

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