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By: Lynne Marks | 3 Feb 2016

Why buy when you can subscribe to a wardrobe rental service?

With so many brands and styles available these days, it can be a challenge to find your own personal style. Even when you do, it can be difficult (and expensive!) to build out a full wardrobe. Recently, there’s been a trend in “Subscription Boxes” to fill every niche imaginable – and the fashion industry is no exception. There are several subscription/rental services available that allow you or your clients to try new designers or styles without purchasing pieces. This is also a great way to stay on-trend or try statement pieces without the commitment!

Some of the services we like include:

Rent the Runway - Wardrobe Rental

Rent the Runway
With top fashion designers, Rent the Runway is the more upscale rental service available. You can rent individual pieces at set rates, or subscribe for $139/month to receive up to 3 items at a time. This is a great service for you or your client who would like to have a highly sophisticated style but likes the variety of adding new pieces to their wardrobe.



The Ms. Collection - Wardrobe Rental

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The Ms. Collection

This service provides “packs” of 3-5 items based on a style profile based on your (or your clients’) preferences. Once a pack is received, items can be purchased from the box at a significant discount, or can be returned – once a pack has been returned, another is sent out. A great option for those looking to build their wardrobe and may not have the time to visit (or live near enough) high-street shops.

Gwynnie Bee
Designed specifically for women size 10 and larger, this service provides professional and on-trend clothes for plus size women. As many high-street stores don’t carry extended sizes, this is a great option! With lots of styles to choose from, you or your client will find many options to complement or start building a wardrobe.

Gwynnie Bee - Wardrobe Rental

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