Upcoming Courses from London Image Institute!

By: Lynne Marks | 9 Mar 2016

Our calendar is filling up this year with courses all over the world! If you’re thinking about starting or advancing your Image Consultant career, you won’t want to miss taking one of our courses, so register today!

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Our team of image specialists and award winning image consultants train you to teach others the skills you learn in our courses. The program is extremely comprehensive and includes practice with real clients.

Our universally accepted methods and philosophies not only prepare you for the First Level of Certification examination with AICI but also certify you to use all our assigned reproducible formats, slides, scripts and presentation techniques which are full of rich material and original information.

Graduate Support is also offered as part of the course. We pride ourselves in mentoring our graduates with their image consulting businesses. It is our goal to help you launch a serious and successful image consulting business. Many graduates of the Foundation + Advanced Course claim it is a life-changing experience.

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