Presentation Skills

By: Lynne Marks | 12 Dec 2013

When it comes to public speaking, most people would rather be sitting in the audience, than the person standing on the stage. Being in the spotlight is completely out of their comfort zone. However, there are ways to help you overcome these nervous feelings!  And with practice, you will improve and fine-tune your presentation skills towards becoming the public speaker you’ve always dreamed to be.


Are you looking to improve and fine-tune your presentation skills?  Here are some proven tips that have helped our students and myself, over the years:

Tip #1             Practice public speaking as often as possible.  You can only improve on your abilities.

Tip #2             Do not wait until you no longer feel nervous. Push through the nerves. Speak when you are afraid, sick and dizzy; speak when you know you will not be perfect.

Tip #3             Your audience does not always expect brilliance. They appreciate when you speak from the heart, not the mind. Saying what you experience and feel about that topic will help you sound and be more natural. And amazingly your technique is far better. I have been speaking for 30 years and I am always waiting to say something brilliant. Sometimes that perfect phrase you wrote in your notes doesn’t come out so perfectly.

Tip #4             Be succinct.  Say to yourself ”and my point is….?” and then work backwards.  This will help you achieve your goal of making your point.

For additional tips and tricks on public speaking:

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