My Favorite Things

By: Lynne Marks | 29 Jul 2014

There are some indispensible items without which my life would not be so complete. Call me shallow and vain, (Iam) but many of them are emergency appearance savers. I want to create a useful list of things that absolutely, positively work as the manufacturer says they will.

images1.  Clear Care contact lens cleaner by Alcon. After a painful eye infection I use Clear Care every night and my lenses are sparkling clean in the morning. You can also use it weekly or occasionally but it’s the best cleanser I’ve found.

2.  Brush on nail glue. Nailene or others. A nail cracks below the quick and I can brush on the glue and add two thin layers of tea bag paper or paper tissue on top. Finish with another brush of glue and file smooth.

3.  Le Volume de Chanel mascara for thickness and Maybelline Illegal Length for longer lashes. Both together make a huge difference.

4.  City Lash lash growth enhancer. This is safe and effective. Be patient because it really makes lashes longer after 40 days. Then they stay long!

5.  no! no! skin (and I’m sure others) emits heat and light energy which can zap a spot overnight. Might need a couple of hits but soon the spot disappears without trace.

6.  Argan or Vitamin E oil for dry legs. I mix the oil with a good body lotion or cream and my legs will not resemble an alligator’s back.

7.  Automatically sharpening lip and eyebrow pencils. I like Number 7 from Boots or Target but there are many good ones that draw precise but soft lines. Essential when you are on the go to carry in your cosmetics bag.

8.  Epilady Legend leg hair remover. This little tool has been around a long time but it really works to pull out the legs hairs for a smooth finish that lasts for weeks.

9.  Conair hairbrush works wonderfully to straighten curly hair and add lift and a bend to stick straight hair. The inner tube heats up with the hairdryer but doesn’t scorch the hair.

10.Extra sheer hosiery which doesn’t look as though you are wearing pantyhose. Try 5 and 7 denier (ultra sheer guage) pantyhose for those occasions when you really need to cover your legs but don’t want a thick, obvious look.


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