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This is the only image course in the world that offers an East-meets-West perspective on global image consulting where you will be trained by two of only a few AICI Certified Image Masters, Lynne Marks of London Image Institute and Christina Ong of Academy of Image Mastery, with over 50 years of combined experience. This 12-day “Ivy League” level program has become the most highly regarded image consulting training in Asia, with a proven track record of graduates over a decade with solid results.

Unique to ImageAsia® program is the ColourSmart™ system, a practical and effective color resource tool that caters to a diverse range of personal coloring, with a specific emphasis on Asians. Every student receives a ColourSmart™ draping starter kit as well as rigorous individual instruction and practice sessions on the art and science of dressing with colours and style.

Included in the course fee is a personal Transformation Day! This is rated by students to be a life transforming experience when you reinvent yourself as a confident image consultant, armed with new skills. A team of experienced industry experts coupled with affirming group support, help you discover and create a signature image. Your new look includes best hairstyle, makeup, style recommendations plus professional and personal brand coaching/feedback.

The passion, systematic approach and the rigor of best practices brought to teaching methods in this action packed program brings students up to speed to consult with private and group clients in record time. Graduates are fully prepared with a wealth of skills and materials – from coaching and consulting methods, client workbooks, presentation materials, training plans, marketing and business techniques, a 400-page training manual to post-course support. An added benefit after the course is the easy access to colour resource supplies and materials for your clients.

On successful course completion, you are certified by two of the most experienced image training schools in the world today – London Image Institute and the Academy of Image Mastery. This program is approved by AICI, the Association of Image Consultants International for a total of 8.4 CEU’s which are awarded, on request, by AICI when you decide to pursue professional AICI certification.

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The ImageAsia® (IA) programme is designed to accelerate your progress with a comprehensive curriculum that will guide, train and support you from the very start of your career in image consulting. The entire programme leading to the ImageAsia® Professional Diploma comprises the following courses:

  • ImageAsia® Image Essentials:
    7-day full-time course
  • ImageAsia® Advanced Practitioner:
    5-day full-time course

An “intensive and rigorous” programme, past graduates testify to its effectiveness through their results, earning ImageAsia® the reputation of “The Ivy League” programme and the platinum standard for image consultants who seek new heights of excellence and success.

IA is an approved training program by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI)


7 days | Certification Course

The Image Essentials Course, imparts best practices, tried and tested for over 16 years on thousands of individuals. You will be equipped with a wealth of client practice-oriented skills needed for working effectively with individual clients. From colour and bodyline analysis, to style recommendations and wardrobe consultations, menswear makeovers and more, you will master complex design concepts essential for image consulting in a simple-to-apply approach. This programme will set you apart in your expertise for individual client consultations as you gain the confidence to make an immediate difference to your clients’ image.

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5 days | Certification Course

The Advanced Practitioner Course takes you and your business to a whole new level. It prepares you to facilitate your own polished individual consultations and corporate level seminars with visual, verbal and non-verbal communication skills. You will also learn the underpinnings of a personal brand, client referral techniques, customized marketing strategies and many secrets of entrepreneurial success. Rights will be assigned to you to use copyrighted materials, reproducible formats, slides, scripts and presentation techniques. (These are for use with your clients but not to train other image consultants.)

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  • Certified by the Association of Image Consultants International and one of only 8 authorized AICI training programs.
  • The ColourSmart Analysis System is the ONLY system in the world calibrated specifically for Asian skin, hair and eyes tones.
  • East meets West approach provides you with cutting edge techniques in consulting, coaching and facilitation.
  • Taught by 2 Certified Image Masters (CIM)
  • The training is designed to accelerate your progress and Fast-Track your career.
  • ImageAsia® Advanced Practitioner Course Certificate of Completion is given by London Image Institute
  • ImageAsia® Image Essentials Course Certificate of Completion is given by Academy of Image Mastery, Asia

* Qualified AICI members can receive 8.9 AICI CEU’s for completing this course.

* Please note that this course is accredited by the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI). Certification earned through London Image Institute and/or Academy of Image Mastery upon completion of this course is entirely independent from AICI’s certification programs. If you wish to pursue AICI certification, please refer to AICI’s website.

Course Dates

November 7-13, 2017
Image Essentials (7 Days)

November 16-20, 2017
Advanced Practitioner (5 Days)

May 1-7, 2018
Image Essentials (7 Days)

May 10-14, 2018
Advanced Practitioner (5 Days)

Training Location

Singapore: Training is conducted at The Academy of Image Mastery facilities which are approximately 20-30 minutes by taxi from the Changi International Airport Singapore. Click here for a map

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“I thought it was the most useful course I have ever taken. It is a must for every image consultant who is ready to take the next step up to success. This is a world-class course by any measure. It has been a privilege to attend.”

Joanne Shiers, Australia

“I loved being taught how to facilitate well by our trainers who were brilliant role models. I also learned how to be the leader of my own life! Thank you so much for being part of this journey! I can’t express how grateful I am for this experience and for all your golden nuggets of wisdom. Thank you for your generosity, speaking the truth, yet in love. I feel so empowered and excited.”

Pamela Chan, Singapore

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Two Image Masters in the same course…

Lynne Marks, AICI CIM
Christina Ong, AICI CIM


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