Watch this Q & A Session with Lynne Marks and Sarah Hathorn as they answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the differences between image consultants and stylists.

“This course deepened my knowledge of facilitation techniques and delivery modules. The most important aspect for me was the daily application of the principles. We practiced, practiced, practiced and I am so much stronger for it. I will take the coaching techniques I learned and use them in my business and my life. Everyone wins.”
Michelle Augenstein, Oakland, CA

“This course was a very special two weeks for me. It was a fruitful and delightful experience and I enjoyed every moment of it and couldn’t wait to get to class. The tips and information, communication skills and personal branding have been valuable for me personally and will be very valuable for my clients.”
Nitit Chaijaroonrat, Thailand

Here are just a a few of our most frequently asked questions.
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Does the training include any make-up, drapes, colour palettes etc.?

We include a color starter kit in the Foundation training from internationally known color suppliers. Image consulting products from various vendors and sources will be mentioned but none is preferred over another. You can order clients colour supplies after the course from any vendor.

What vendors/ systems/make-up do you use in your training?

We provide a makeup lesson either from a makeup artist or a session at a high-end makeup studio where you can purchase excellent makeup for yourself. Again we give you several other resources to offer makeup to your clients.

What materials do you get with the course?

Foundation + Advanced graduates gain access to the full Alumni Site for life. The membership site provides client workbooks, training Power Points, Power Points for your use with groups; templates, sketches, client letters, before and after images and stock photography. Foundation Course only graduates gain access to their own post-course site that provides Power Points and materials for individual consultations.

I am wondering how much money I would have to spend, on top of the training, to start the business.

Image consulting requires a fairly low overhead, compared to some other businesses. At the beginning most students use the starter kit we provide and vendors that we recommend. They say that there are few extra charges, such as the option of a mirror, rack, bulb and lamp and client color swatch books. In addition you can print out the client workbooks provided for your client.

Do London Image Consultants get discounts with your vendors?

Yes! The color suppliers we use offer discounts to London Image Institute graduates. Also, as a graduate, you have the opportunity to a substantial discount off business coaching programs with Sarah Hathorn, AICI CIM of Illustra Business Coaching and Hathorn Consulting Group.

I'm not sure if I want to do the Foundation and Advanced all in one go. I might prefer doing the Foundation first and practice these skills more in reality before going on to giving presentations in companies or groups?

We highly recommend that you take both together. They are designed together and complement each other, regardless of your future work. However, you can take the Foundation first and later the Advanced. We have even had students who take the Advanced first because their skills were appropriate and they needed that information immediately.

The business development part is only available in the Advanced Course so I'm wondering if there's any support after the Foundation in terms of business development.

We do give a session on business organization for Foundation students, but in the Advanced the entire week is devoted to creating your brand and getting you to the next level in business. In addition, you are furnished with materials and content for seminars and professional presence coaching and workshops.

Is there a support structure after the courses?

There is a support structure after the course: A greatly discounted coaching program; ongoing mentoring and support from Lynne Marks; support with practice client information; personal telephone calls if you want them. We also have group calls after each course.

I haven’t really got a personal style and I’m not a fashionista. Do you help with that too?

You do the course for yourself and on yourself! You will learn every aspect of your own image and what suits you. We can even provide stores and resources for you locally.

What training methods do you use?

We lean on fashion and design principles as Lynne’s background was at The London College of Fashion where she ran an image department. In addition to fashion and design our Foundation Course pulls from a rich background of other principles and methods. Our colour analysis is based on Munsell’s work on scientific colour theory and our training ranges from tonal to the twelve seasons.

How would you say London Image Institute is different from other image consulting training?

No other training offers the level of personal coaching you get in the Advanced course. After the Advanced course in particular, most people say that their view of image consulting and their past circumstances has altered. They have a new set of eyes about the business opportunities and their skills. Their self limiting beliefs no longer stop them and they find that an image business is easily within their grasp. Not only that, they become quite clear in the Advanced Course of the gift they bring to their clients and the contribution they make to the world.

How do these programs prepare me for the Certified Image Consultant (CIC) with the Association of Image Consultants International?

The Foundation Course prepares you for the AICI core competencies in Color Theory and Color Analysis, Style and Body Analysis, the Physical and Psychological Aspects of Image, Visual Perception of Apparel, Strategic Wardrobe Planning, Makeup, and Shopping Practices. The Advanced Course prepares you in the competencies of Facilitation, Coaching, Fashion Trends, Non-verbal Communication, Business Etiquette and Protocol, Formal Business Image, Levels of Casual Dress, Personal Branding and Business Development.

What experience do I need?

For the Foundation Course you do not need any experience or prior knowledge of the technical image aspects, just a passion for the subject and a sincere love of people.

You also can take the Foundation + Advanced Course without any prior experience. We have designed the Foundation Course directly before the Advanced Course and highly recommend that you take both courses at once.

To get the most benefit from the Advanced Course, you will need to have some experience in one or more of the components of image or a related career. (e.g. color, makeup, hairstyling, clothing design, garment construction, modeling, fashion photography, styling, etiquette, personal shopping, retail sales, in-home product line, fashion certification or degree, image courses, fashion merchandising, home economics, tailoring, career consulting, professional coaching or presentation coaching.) It is also useful but not essential to have some experience in teaching groups or consulting.

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Are the agendas and course descriptions different for each city?

There are slight variations in the course descriptions and agendas, based on the course level and location. Please refer to each city’s PDF guide for specific agendas and course details.

Can I make money as an image consultant?

Yes you can! And as with all businesses there are conditions. If you want to increase revenues or start a successful image consulting business you need to have a variety of skills, products and services to offer clients. Basic image consulting skills will only take you so far in your career. You will also need a workable marketing plan and be able to implement it consistently. Full time entrepreneurial businesses often take two to three years to establish so you will need a means to support yourself during that time.

Who issues the certificate of completion?

The USA and EUROPE Foundation, Advanced and Foundation + Advanced Courses, you will be given a certificate by London Image Institute.

The ImageAsia® Foundation Course certificate is given by The Academy of Image Mastery.

The ImageAsia® Advanced Course is given by London Image Institute.

I am a military spouse, is there any help for my training?

The Department of Defense has set aside training money for military spouses through the MYCAA. Check with your base’s educational area.

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