Our Graduates are Using Their Skills!

By: Lynne Marks | 29 Aug 2017

See how our graduates are succeeding!

One of our graduates, Bryon Dickens, (as well as one of London ImageInstitute’s trainers), is the Director for the Students Connecting with Mentors for Success program at Oklahoman City Community College.

Bryon is making tremendous strides in helping young men succeed while at University. In fact, The Oklahoman has featured Bryon in an article!

Bryon, and so many of our other graduates are making a positive impacts on their communities. What a great reminder to our students, that they too can approach colleges and start courses, to help students with life and soft skills, and developmental skills.

To read the full article on Bryon and his achievements, click HERE!

Bryon Dickens, director of Students Connecting with Mentors for Success, talks with student Rilee Norman at Oklahoma City Community College, Thursday, Aug. 3, 2017. Photo by Sarah Phipps, The Oklahoman

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