27 Clothing Staples You Need to Have

By: Lynne Marks | 6 Nov 2016

Every girl should have these clothing staples in their closet. The image trick is to coordinate each piece in a master group so that everything matches around four principles: a versatile color scheme, the same family of fabrics, compatible styles and a similar level of refinement or craftsmanship. Update with less expensive tops and fun accessories.

Each master group tells one style story. You save money, avoiding costly mistakes you never wear and once you have organized your clothing staples, you can put together an outfit in five seconds in the morning.
Clothing Staples You Need to Have

  • Leather Jacket — in black, brown, taupe, burgundy, olive or another wardrobe neutral that goes with many accent pieces— Timeless and edgy to throw on over blue and black jeans or wool slacks.
  • Little Black Dress — The essential versatile piece…it goes to work under a cardigan or tailored jacket and out for evening with long earrings, sexy heels or boots and a pashmina in a zingy color. It’s the fashion staple to have.
  • White Tee — Perfect with sweaters, leather jackets, and jeans with a good leather belt and soft leather ankle boots.
  • Silk Bow Blouse — Ideal for the boardroom and the bar.
  • A Blazer — No longer a boxy item, the best looking blazer is fitted to your body type. Everyone can rock a blazer!
  • Trench Coat — Look professional, no matter how the weather decides to cooperate. Try an interesting color to update an old faithful.
  • Black Pants — Whether you prefer a wider leg, boot cut or fitted ankle pants, well-tailored black pants are always in style.
  • The Perfect Pair of Jeans — Jeans should be comfortable in premium denim and fit like a glove to enhance the shape of hips and derriere.
  • Big Silk Scarf  — Keeps you warm and in a good quality silk looks phenomenal. Livens up the leather jacket, the wool coat, the trench, the sweater and twin set, the blazer and the little black dress. Another must-have staple.
  • Crew Neck Sweater  — Crew neck sweaters are timeless and cozy. Cashmere, refined wool or cable knits are all staples.
  • Cardigan — Find a cardigan style you enjoy and have it on hand in your wardrobe. Even better, buy the twin set.
  • Cocktail Dress — Perfect for weddings, a night on the town, or an awards reception. Avoid black and any fabric that will crease or cling and make a statement in a gorgeous jewel tone such as cherry, emerald, sapphire, purple or scarlet.


Accessories Your Wardrobe Should Have

While clothing is the foundation of your appearance, the accessories are what makes your style stand out and be remembered. Make sure you have these accessories on hand:

  • Black Heels — Great for any occasion and match with almost everything.
  • A Stunning Wallet — Show off that wallet with pride!
  • Diamond Earrings — Every girl needs her diamonds.
  • Riding Boots — Ideal for cooler temperatures.
  • Ankle Boots — This new shoe trend is here to stay.
  • Sunglasses — Splurge on a pair of fashionable, high quality sunglasses to match with every outfit.
  • Leather Belt — Find the perfect leather belt and your wardrobe is set!
  • Tote Bag — Preferably leather or a durable material to stand the test of time.
  • Sandals — Not beach sandals, top quality sandals!
  • Sneakers — Every woman should have pair of sturdy, fashionable sneakers for running, walking, or hanging out.
  • Your Lipstick — Find your perfect shade and stick with it.
  • Pearls — No matter if you prefer a bracelet or necklace, have some pearls in your wardrobe.
  • Rings — Whether you love gems or gorgeous designs, find some stylish rings for your outfits.
  • Ballet Flats — Comfort and style in a single pair of shoes.
  • Clutch — A clutch is great for going out to any event.


Gather These Clothing Staples for an Ideal Image

Once you have these clothing staples in your possession, you’ll enjoy a flawless image and the ability to quickly put together an outfit on any given day.

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