Turn your Passion into your Career!

By: Lynne Marks | 30 Nov 2017

London Image Institute’s 2018 ImageConsultant course dates are announced, and it’s your turn to join us! Your career as an Image Consultant, begins here! Atlanta January 28 – February 9 United Kingdom April 8 – 20 Singapore AP May 10 – 14 IE May 1 – 8 Atlanta  June 3 – 15 United Kingdom July 22 – August 3 Atlanta 

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Train with TWO Image Masters!

By: Lynne Marks | 24 Oct 2017

YEARNING FOR A TRAILBLAZING CAREER THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE BY TRANSFORMING LIVES? Image consultants are making a difference helping private individuals and corporate clients in communities around the world every single day! There’s no better time than now to embrace your new opportunities. Imagine a career where you have the skills empowering your clients to look and feel confident and to create their own personal brand. Be professionally trained to become a world-class image consultant! WHY TRAIN WITH…

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Have you Heard of ImageAsia?

By: Lynne Marks | 21 Sep 2017

  ImageAsia is an east-west collaboration between The Academy of Image Mastery in Asia and London Image Institute. Known as the Ivy League of Image…

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Our Graduates are Using Their Skills!

By: Lynne Marks | 29 Aug 2017

See how our graduates are succeeding! One of our graduates, Bryon Dickens, (as well as one of London ImageInstitute’s trainers), is the Director for the Students Connecting with Mentors for Success program at Oklahoman City Community College. Bryon is making tremendous strides in helping young men succeed while at University. In fact, The Oklahoman has featured Bryon in an article! Bryon, and so many of our other graduates are making a positive impacts on their communities. What a great…

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Tips for a Skype / Video Interview Part II

By: Lynne Marks | 27 Jul 2017

Part II in our series of Skype/video communications continues with suggestions on being mindful of gestures behind the camera, your appearance, and finally tone and communication. Let’s get started! GESTURES In face- to-face interactions, gestures at mid chest or lower are always visible, however on video you must lift your hands to appear in the frame but not to cover your face. Your gestures need to enhance your message and should illustrate what you…

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Tips for a Skype / Video Interview Part I

By: Lynne Marks | 20 Jun 2017

A few weeks ago, we were watching Professor Kelly on international BBC TV speak earnestly about the Korean presidential impeachment when suddenly there was a disturbance to one side of the screen and in ran his little children pursued seconds later by a distraught mother who dragged the little ones away. Nobody heard a thing he said during the few minutes’ interruption and of course the…

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The Secret Code of Men’s Business Casual

By: Lynne Marks | 30 May 2017

Your company has now adopted casual wear for their everyday dress code. According to many men there are subtle unwritten do’s and don’ts in their culture and a few minefields to avoid if you want to get ahead. When in doubt, copy the executive, invest in quality casual items (on sale) and never forget good grooming. NOT ALL JEANS ARE CREATED EQUAL Dark premium denim or black jeans are a must for the professional world when jeans are allowed. However trendy…

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The Language of Civility: Words from Lynne Marks

By: Lynne Marks | 14 Mar 2017

Civility is a frame of mind, a context from which we could choose to live. In a perfect world, the home, places of worship, work and education, the media and all public addresses should inform, empower or inspire, but in recent times these attributes have been sadly lacking. Permeating the very fabric of society like nerve gas, language loaded with rudeness, fabrications and unkindness has become the new norm.   What’s worse, people…

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