5 Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss the Upcoming Courses from London Image Institute

By: Lynne Marks | 1 Mar 2017


Image consultants assist clients with their soft skills such as appearance, etiquette and communication to create an effective personal and professional presence. Studies have shown that excellent soft skills are more than nice to know, they are vital for your success. For example our clients are promoted first, secure the job of their dreams, gain confidence and even get the date! As an image consultant, you have the ability to help others craft their ideal image and transform their lives.

But not all those who carry the title image consultant are created equal. Image consulting certification lends you credibility. Our specialized information and professional coaching and training skills allow you to make a profound, relevant difference in clients’ lives. The Foundation/Image Essentials and Advanced Courses in Atlanta, Singapore and London offer a comprehensive curriculum and a unique in-depth approach to launch your career as an image consultant!

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We have upcoming courses in 2017:
London, March 26 – April 7
Atlanta, April 30 – May 12
Singapore June 13 – 26

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This high-level course run by two Certified Image Masters is an East-meets -West collaboration between London Image Institute and the Academy of Image Mastery, Singapore. The 12-Day signature course has been running successfully for over a decade and has become one of the most highly regarded Image Consulting trainings in Asia.
Included in the course fee is an in-depth personal style component to transform the external appearance of all students. Industry experts work to find your best hairstyle, makeup, signature clothing styles and professional and personal brand elements. In addition, the original color system caters to a diverse range of personal coloring with a specific emphasis on Asians. The rigor brought to teaching methods in this course brings students up to speed to consult with private clients in record time.

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