2017 Makeup Trends Image Consultants Should Consider

By: Lynne Marks | 31 Jan 2017

2017 Makeup Trends

Every year, new makeup trends emerge or step back into the spotlight. As an image consultant, it is your responsibility to study these trends and determine if they are ideal for your client’s image or not. Take a look at these makeup trends for 2017 – do they fit with the image you’ve crafted for your clients?

Healthy Skin with Bold Eyes or Lips

Say goodbye to time spent contouring or blotting out imperfections. This year’s trend is healthy skin. While everyone should strive for healthy skin, it’s not always attainable. Makeup artists are putting a focus on more natural looking skin than heavily contoured or covered skin.

But remember, as an image consultant, having a deep understanding of skin tones is crucial. Should you need to find a concealer or powder, you need to know what your client’s skin tone is and what shades will blend perfectly.

Pair glowing, clean skin with bold lipstick or eye makeup, and your client is ready for the day.

Liquid Eyeliner

If you’ve been a fan of liquid eyeliner for the past year or so, you’ll love this news. It’s still in! Although it’s admittedly not the easiest makeup tool to use, liquid liner gives you a world of possibility when it comes to eye makeup for your client.

Graphic Liner

While liquid eyeliner is still in, graphic liner is pushing its way to the forefront of makeup trends. Makeup artists are experimenting with different liner shapes, styles, hues, designs, and other variations to create works of art.

Test out different styles of graphic liner to find the perfect eye makeup design or shape for your image consulting clients.

Glitter is Back

You read that right. Glitter is once again back in the makeup spotlight. From glitter eye shadow and mascara to dimensional, glitter lips, you’re going to see glitter used in a big way in 2017. While it may be a trend, it’s important to use glitter sparingly with your clients. Too much of a good thing can be bad!

Understanding Your Client’s Image

While makeup trends are great for understanding where the beauty industry is heading, you always need to consider your client’s image. Many trends won’t work for the image you carefully put together for them. Other trends will work seamlessly! It’s all about working to find the ideal image and finding clothing, makeup, and accessories that will bring that image to life.

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